9 Best Countryside Hotels and Motels In The Faroe Islands

By Erik Christensen, Porkeri (Contact at the Danish Wikipedia) - Private, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Faroe Islands are a group of eighteen islands northwest of Scotland, in the center of the North Atlantic. The beautiful Faroe countryside is characterized by lush, green landscapes, with mountains in the center and oceans on every side. The tourist season of the Faroes is short, beginning in May and ending in September.

Visitors to the Faroes enjoy tours via bus, horse, and boat, as well as mountain hikes and a variety of outdoor activities. Although the capital of Tórshavn offers many shops, bars, and restaurants, most people go to the Faroes to “get away from it all” and enjoy the quiet and solitude of nature. Here are some of the best countryside hotels in the Faroe Islands.

1. Gjaargardur Guesthouse, Gjogv, Faroe Islands
An eco-friendly and environmentally conscious guesthouse located in the village of Gjogv, the Gjaargardur Guesthouse is surrounded by mountains and gorgeous scenery. The restaurant is open seasonally (usually from April to September) or according to customer demand, serving pancakes and other light dishes, including interesting local dishes like whale blubber. The hotel staff will also prepare lunch boxes on request. The Gjaargardur features a solarium, table tennis, bicycle rentals for touring the countryside, and free wi-fi. Guests craving a quieter experience and view of the sea should request a room in the annex.
2. Guesthouse Marknagil, Torshavn,Faroe Islands
Guesthouse Marknagil is a family-operated hotel in southwestern Tórshavn, fifteen minutes’ walk from the city center. The Marknagil places emphasis on basic, affordable, quality accommodations. Guests may expect to share a bathroom. The Marknagil serves a daily breakfast buffet, with early breakfast available on request. Many rooms feature a view of the harbor and the island of Nolsoy. Public buses arrive only yards from the guest house two to three times per hour, with easy access to the nearby National Art Gallery, the Thorshavn Harbour, the Nordic House, and the Thorshavn Cathedral.
3. Hotel Foroyar, Torshavn, Faroe Islands
Rated the #1 hotel in the Faroe Islands by TripAdvisor, the Hotel Foroyar was built by famous Danish architects to appear as part of the landscape itself. The grass roof of the Foroyar matches the countryside, and every room overlooks the Nólsoy Fjord and the city of Torshavn. Unlike many of the quaint countryside hotels on this list, the Foroyar features a banquet hall, a business center, conference facilities, and minibars in the rooms. Ask for a room on the upper level (the 100s), where the views tend to be better. The hotel’s gourmet restaurant, “Koks,” serves traditional Faroese food and has a reputation as one of the best on the island.
4. 62 N Airport Hotel, Sorvagur, Faroe Islands
Located only five minutes’ walk from the Vagar airport, the 62 N Airport Hotel may sound basic, but it’s functional and full-featured, offering a Jacuzzi, a playground, meeting rooms, and outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, and miniature golf. Amenities include room service, cable / satellite television with DVD player, hair dryer, and lunches packed by the staff. There is also an on-site bar and restaurant serving international cuisine, and the staff is happy to help plan car rental and activities in the nearby fishing village of Sorvagur. Travelers with early flights out of the Faroe Islands might consider booking with this hotel, as is as near the airport as one can get without sleeping in the concourse.
5. Pakkhusid Apartments, Sorvagur, Faroe Islands
Rated as the number one place to stay in Midvágur village, the Pakkhusid Apartments is a cozy building of four rooms. Each room contains a refrigerator, a microwave, coffee maker, wireless internet, and TV / DVD. Outdoor activities include fishing, horse riding, and water activities such as boat tours and fishing trips. The Pakkhusid Apartments are five minutes from the War Museum. Like many guest apartments in the Faroes, the Apartments do not provide linens, which must be rented or provided by guests.
6. Lisa Guesthouse, Sorvagur, Faroe Islands

Travelers looking to socialize with other visitors to Sorvagur should take a look at the Lisa Guesthouse, a five-room bed and breakfast in Miðvágur. Each room in Lisa Guesthouse features a shared bathroom and kitchen, as well as a shared terrace, garden and TV lounge. Guests have easy access to a nearby grocery, the bus stop, and all of Vagar island, as well as views of the lake and Mikynes Island. Reservations are available for as little as $6 US.
7. Guesthouse Hugo, Sorvagur, Faroe Islands
Guesthouse Hugo is a simple four-room inn of two double and two single rooms in Sorvagur, located near the ferry to Mykines Island. Guests share a bathroom. These rooms overlook the sea and offer generous views of the mountains and harbor. The retro cafe / restaurant, Fjørðoy, features a simple but generous menu of local dishes. There is also a shared kitchen on the property, and free wi-fi in every room. Travelers looking to book a boat trip to Mykines may want to stay here for an old-fashioned, no-frills experience.
8. J Apartment, Sorvagur, Faroe Islands
Visitors looking to get the most out of the quiet and solitude of the Faroes should consider the J Apartment in Miðvágur. This two-bedroom apartment, only six minutes from the Vagar airport, will sleep four people. Amenities include a full kitchen, shower, bath, washing machine, and view of the ocean. There is a supermarket and restaurant close by, as well as access to the fjords and mountains for explorers. Guests are likely to get a personal experience at J Apartment, down to sightseeing recommendations from the landlord.
9. The Cozy House Sorvagur, Sorvagur, Faroe Islands
Another quiet locale for travelers in search of simple accommodations, the Cozy House is a highly-rated accommodation nestled against the grassy mountains of Miðvágur. Guests will have access to a kitchen, dining area, flat-screen TV, terrace, and all the comforts of a home away from home. The location of Cozy House makes it perfect for exploring all of Sorvagur, with supermarket, liquor store, and airport access readily available. Staying at the Cozy House really will mean “getting away from it all,” however -- it’s the only place on this list with no internet access.

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